More Balls Than Hands Juggling Your Way to Success by Learning to Love Your Mistakes Издательство: Prentice Hall Press, 2003 г Твердый переплет, 208 стр ISBN 0735203377 инфо 7455y.

The bestselling author of `How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci` shows how learning to juggle literally and metaphorically will help you become better at what you do, both in business and in life As we strugglбывхаe to get more done in less time, to balance our work and our personal life, and to adapt to constant change, we often feel that we`re `juggling too many balls` Now, in More Balls Than Hands, leading organizational consultant Michael JGelb, a former professional jugglвичттer, shows us how to keep all those balls in the air The first lesson in juggling islet the ball drop Beginning with this first counterintuitive lesson, Michael JGelb offers proven methods that organizations can use to create a `mistake positive` culture, showing how any business can flourish and succeed if it sets the stage for learning, growth, and innovation in the workplace In addition, Gelb introduces five `Keys to High Performance Learning` that offer immediately applicabврсъшle strategies for strengthening anyone`s learning speed and power For people eager to increase their learning potential, ratchet up their productivity, and teach others to do the same, More Balls Than Hands communicates life lessons in a vivid, completely original, and utterly entertaining way Автор Michael Gelb.

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